"Scrawlzy is a UK artist with over 30 years of experience in exploring creativity and taking inspiration from past and present experiences to create conversations from art. Scrawlzy is both a digital and physical artist.While maintaining his roots in painting, Scrawlzy seamlessly integrates his ideas into the digital realm, providing insightful commentary on the practicalities of art, such as pricing strategies and considerations for aspiring artists. Always willing to engage with the art community, he is a strong advocate for art as an expressive outlet and champions the importance of continuous learning and creating at every opportunity.A master at his craft, Scrawlzy continues to inspire with his thoughtful perspectives on the viewing experience of digital art, addressing the nuances of digital display, including aspect ratios and the potential for large-scale presentations. His innovative approach to art, commitment to honing his craft, and openness to adapting to the rapidly changing artistic landscape make him a distinguished voice in the global art scene. "Brady Walker
Curation Manager

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